Gold Value – Why People Should Invest in Gold This 2016?

Even if gold has always occupied an exceptional place in the economic history of the world, there are many reasons why numerous gold investors and analysts are focused on gold. The reason behind it is that the gold value is off to its good start this 2016 since year 1974.

While several young analysts who haven’t seen tough markets often ignore the significance of gold holdings, the comments of experts show the errors in such an attitude. There are many reasons why people must invest in gold this year and these include:

Store of Wealth

For about six millennia, the gold is always valued as money as well as a store of wealth. In the last century, the government moved away from silver and gold backing the dollar. Today, fiat paper monetary system is being used. But, gold remained as the most effective store of richness and dollars decline annually.

Protection against Government Debt

For the last decade, the government continued to push the debt ceiling much higher. This debt causes the dollar to decline due to the reason that the American people are losing confidence in their ability to pay back such debts. Because of this, they purchase gold whenever they need protection against government debt.


It’s an increase in the prices and decline in buying of money. For instance, until year 1933, a $20 gold coin and $20 bill have the same value. Those years will let you purchase a brand new suit. But today, a $20 bill won’t allow anyone to purchase any kind of suit because it isn’t backed by gold. In addition to that, a $20 gold coin is worth $1200 at present, which will allow you to purchase an expensive tailored suit.

Gold Protects Against Bail-in

In many cases, when bail-in happens, such governments don’t seize physical assets, they only seize the paper assets. The perfect way to give yourself protection when a bail-in occurs is to have some money in physical assets. As a solution, having precious metals like gold can make a difference since they’re a hedge against a bail-in and stock market crashes.

Countless Investment Benefits

Owning some precious metals provides investors particular investment benefits. No asset classes offer all these investment benefits and such advantages include privacy, growth, protecting their retirements, liquidity, diversification, certainty during uncertain times, and ability in passing down wealth privately to the heirs.

Now that you know the reasons why you should invest in gold today, it is the best time to look for the best gold dealer that will take care of your investment and will provide you the best that you deserve. Just make sure to rely only the finest one likeDurham Precious Metals because it can make a huge difference in growing your investment. So, make a move at the soonest time possible and don’t miss all the perks that you will get once you take advantage of investing in gold.



Krugerrands Should be Part of Any Investor’s Portfolio

Krugerrands Should be Part of Any Investor's Portfolio

Gold is known around the world for its value, and gold coins go back in history as far as 645 BC.  The first known gold coins were made by the Lydians and were pretty crude compared to the coins we mint today.  This goes to show that gold has always been considered valuable and in recent years it’s been more valuable than at any point in history.

Countries are still minting gold coins today, in the US there is the American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Chinese Panda and of course the Krugerrand.  Of all the current day gold bullion coins the Krugerrand is the oldest.  First minted back in 1967 by the South African government they became so popular that they inspired the other popular gold coins that are collected today.

For those that invest in gold or precious metals the Krugerrand offers the best value of any of the gold bullion coins that are on the market today.  Here are some reasons to include the Krugerrand in your portfolio.

Krugerrands are highly durable

The Krugerrand is comprised of 22k gold made up of 92% gold and 8% copper.  Other modern coins don’t contain the copper but it is the copper that makes them far more durable than the other 24k gold coins.  Krugerrands are highly resistant to dents and scratches compared to the others.

Krugerrands offer a better price

Coins are traded at a higher price than the spot price of gold.  Of all the gold coins in circulation Krugerrands are the most traded and they trade at the lowest price premium over the spot price.  Here is a video that gives a little more background on the Krugerrand and why they are so widely  traded.

Easy to liquidate

Krugerrands are the most popular and well-known of all the gold bullion coins and that makes them incredibly easy to sell whether it’s here in the US or any where across the globe.

Big value in a small package

Gold bullion coins, Krugerrand or other coins hold a lot of value inside a very small package.  They are easy to store or to ship if need be, Krugerrands  typically come in plastic tubes that fit inside your home safe or in a safety deposit box.  While gold bars can be bought at a better price storing them or shipping is not so easy, gold bars must also be assayed when they are sold.  Krugerrands don’t have that requirement.

If you are new to buying gold bullion or have been buying for years, Krugerrands should be part of any investor’s portfolio.  They are known and traded worldwide and can be easily converted to cash should the need ever arise.

Best Ways to Buy Silver

Best Ways to Buy Silver

People who invest in precious metals usually do so for one of three reasons, a hedge against inflation, or an investment or as a replacement for currency.  There are plenty of investors who will tell you that there is no value buying silver, since it doesn’t pay compound interest. However investing in precious metals will give you some diversification in your portfolio.

Best Ways to Buy Silver

No matter your reason for deciding to invest in silver, you buy silver based on the weight.  This means that price of silver coins or bars is based on weight, 1 ounce coins carry the same amount of raw silver as a 1 ounce bar.  When buying silver you want to look for .999 fine silver.  While there are plenty of dealers online that will sell you silver you want to deal with someone that is reputable.  That means avoid eBay and Craigslist, instead there are reputable dealers like American Precious Metals Exchange, Provident Metals or some others that have a proven reputation. Here are some other ways you can acquire silver.


Coins that have been minted by the government give you a guaranteed amount and quality of silver purity.  There are several countries, including the US that offer federally minted silver coins.  Here are some of the more popular coins you can pick up.

Silver Bars

If you want to buy large amounts of silver bullion then bars are probably your best bet.  You can get silver bars in three different sizes, the 1 oz, 10 oz and the 100 oz sizes.  When you buy large quantities of silver bars you can negotiate a better price.  Bear in mind that bars will not be backed by the government, but if your goal is to buy silver at a decent price  that you can store and easily trade later then bars will meet your needs.

Junk Silver

Junk silver isn’t junk per se but it is silver coins that aren’t a collectible their value is strictly in the content of the silver.  American coins that were minted prior to 1964 carried 90% silver content.  These are important because they not only have decent silver content, they also have the lowest price of any silver you can physically hold onto. Another way to make gains is to swap out scrap silver for bullion. Most smaller bullion dealers do gold and silver recycling and will swap out what you turn in for bullion.

The banking industry has demonstrated time and again that they can print money that is backed by nothing more than a promise.  It demonstrates that investing in precious metals is not only prudent but necessary.  Silver offers you an affordable option to even the smallest of investor.

How To Prevent Content Creation Burnout

It takes some bloggers a long time to realize that creating content every single day isn’t necessarily the “make or break” of their blog. Usually, by the time they realize it – they are already experiencing burnout.

It is interesting to think and read about it if you are a beginner, because you are sure that you love your topic and can write about it forever. But trust me, no matter how much passion you have for a topic, you can burn out.

It happens more often if you are trying to post daily, and you aren’t really “feeling it” . In time, what was passion for sharing your knowledge about a niche becomes a chore and you slowly slip into the phase where not only you can not think of writing more content, but you are starting to dread the process.

One of the ways to prevent this is not post daily. Instead, post 2 to 3 times a week and when ever you feel like writing, instead of publishing the post straight away, leave it in drafts of your blog, so you will “pile up” posts you can publish when you don’t feel like writing.

Another thing is not making yourself write all the time and trying to write a lot in short periods of time.

What? Life Outside Blogging?!?

There is life outside of blogging, and you have to keep living it. Staying away from your blog and experiencing new things may actually give you more ideas on new blog post topics.

Another bad part about pushing yourself to write a lot in short period of time is that your content will most likely suffer. I am yet to meet a blogger that can post daily for a long period of time, without their content suffering. And you know what? Your readers will notice.

You will notice as well. I can always tell when a post of mine isn’t going to do good, because I squeezed it out of my head using pure force. At the same time, I am writing this very post and feel relaxed and the words are just coming along.

If you are just starting a new blog and you think that making money online has some “rule” that says that you will make full income after you post 40 posts, forget about it. There is no rule, some blogs make money after 5 posts and some don’t make anything after 100 posts. So don’t chase those numbers because you will help your own burnout.

Instead of pushing yourself to write more, you can do two things that will help your blog, that don’t include more writing.

One would be polishing the posts you already wrote – finding better expressions, making it more personal and more “you”, finding your own voice and angle on the topic. That will sometimes bring more results that just writing more content that sounds like Wikipedia.

Another thing to do when you don’t feel like writing is actually promoting your blog. If you have some good content on your blog, instead of writing more, make sure to put that content in front as many eyes as you can.


Pushing yourself, what ever you do, can and will lead to burnout. For a blogger, content creation burnout may mean the end of business, so prevent it with those few tips.

Write when you feel like it, let your mind rest when it needs rest. And let me know what you think about this?