How To Prevent Content Creation Burnout

It takes some bloggers a long time to realize that creating content every single day isn’t necessarily the “make or break” of their blog. Usually, by the time they realize it – they are already experiencing burnout.

It is interesting to think and read about it if you are a beginner, because you are sure that you love your topic and can write about it forever. But trust me, no matter how much passion you have for a topic, you can burn out.

It happens more often if you are trying to post daily, and you aren’t really “feeling it” . In time, what was passion for sharing your knowledge about a niche becomes a chore and you slowly slip into the phase where not only you can not think of writing more content, but you are starting to dread the process.

One of the ways to prevent this is not post daily. Instead, post 2 to 3 times a week and when ever you feel like writing, instead of publishing the post straight away, leave it in drafts of your blog, so you will “pile up” posts you can publish when you don’t feel like writing.

Another thing is not making yourself write all the time and trying to write a lot in short periods of time.

What? Life Outside Blogging?!?

There is life outside of blogging, and you have to keep living it. Staying away from your blog and experiencing new things may actually give you more ideas on new blog post topics.

Another bad part about pushing yourself to write a lot in short period of time is that your content will most likely suffer. I am yet to meet a blogger that can post daily for a long period of time, without their content suffering. And you know what? Your readers will notice.

You will notice as well. I can always tell when a post of mine isn’t going to do good, because I squeezed it out of my head using pure force. At the same time, I am writing this very post and feel relaxed and the words are just coming along.

If you are just starting a new blog and you think that making money online has some “rule” that says that you will make full income after you post 40 posts, forget about it. There is no rule, some blogs make money after 5 posts and some don’t make anything after 100 posts. So don’t chase those numbers because you will help your own burnout.

Instead of pushing yourself to write more, you can do two things that will help your blog, that don’t include more writing.

One would be polishing the posts you already wrote – finding better expressions, making it more personal and more “you”, finding your own voice and angle on the topic. That will sometimes bring more results that just writing more content that sounds like Wikipedia.

Another thing to do when you don’t feel like writing is actually promoting your blog. If you have some good content on your blog, instead of writing more, make sure to put that content in front as many eyes as you can.


Pushing yourself, what ever you do, can and will lead to burnout. For a blogger, content creation burnout may mean the end of business, so prevent it with those few tips.

Write when you feel like it, let your mind rest when it needs rest. And let me know what you think about this?


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