Krugerrands Should be Part of Any Investor’s Portfolio

Krugerrands Should be Part of Any Investor's Portfolio

Gold is known around the world for its value, and gold coins go back in history as far as 645 BC.  The first known gold coins were made by the Lydians and were pretty crude compared to the coins we mint today.  This goes to show that gold has always been considered valuable and in recent years it’s been more valuable than at any point in history.

Countries are still minting gold coins today, in the US there is the American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Chinese Panda and of course the Krugerrand.  Of all the current day gold bullion coins the Krugerrand is the oldest.  First minted back in 1967 by the South African government they became so popular that they inspired the other popular gold coins that are collected today.

For those that invest in gold or precious metals the Krugerrand offers the best value of any of the gold bullion coins that are on the market today.  Here are some reasons to include the Krugerrand in your portfolio.

Krugerrands are highly durable

The Krugerrand is comprised of 22k gold made up of 92% gold and 8% copper.  Other modern coins don’t contain the copper but it is the copper that makes them far more durable than the other 24k gold coins.  Krugerrands are highly resistant to dents and scratches compared to the others.

Krugerrands offer a better price

Coins are traded at a higher price than the spot price of gold.  Of all the gold coins in circulation Krugerrands are the most traded and they trade at the lowest price premium over the spot price.  Here is a video that gives a little more background on the Krugerrand and why they are so widely  traded.

Easy to liquidate

Krugerrands are the most popular and well-known of all the gold bullion coins and that makes them incredibly easy to sell whether it’s here in the US or any where across the globe.

Big value in a small package

Gold bullion coins, Krugerrand or other coins hold a lot of value inside a very small package.  They are easy to store or to ship if need be, Krugerrands  typically come in plastic tubes that fit inside your home safe or in a safety deposit box.  While gold bars can be bought at a better price storing them or shipping is not so easy, gold bars must also be assayed when they are sold.  Krugerrands don’t have that requirement.

If you are new to buying gold bullion or have been buying for years, Krugerrands should be part of any investor’s portfolio.  They are known and traded worldwide and can be easily converted to cash should the need ever arise.


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